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    Direttamente dal team di ricerca e sviluppo di Gaerne arriva la nuova "MTB 2DENSITY SUE". Una nuova suola progettata appositamente per l'uso in mountain bike. La struttura della suola combina materiali in nylon e fibra di vetro, rendendola resistente, leggera e sottile. Il battistrada è stato progettato per garantire la massima aderenza / stabilità e ha un'eccellente resistenza a vari tipi di terreno. Due tacchetti frontali rimovibili conferiscono a questa scarpa una migliore trazione su terreni variabili e fangosi.

Gaerne presents a new shoe for gravel, suitable for all your adventure and in any type of terrain. The technical features combine the pedaling performance of road shoes with the versatility and comfort of off-road shoes. The upper is made of a single piece of soft microfiber for a comfortable fit and to make you feel comfortable for miles and miles, whether pedaling or walking. The design is elegant and clean, and a new and particular color 100% Gravel Style! The laser perforation of the upper guarantees excellent ventilation and an optimal microclimate inside the shoe, especially on hot summer days. Inserts on the side and front of the upper to avoid scratches on the narrowest and most bumpy paths. The Closing System is composed of a micro adjustable BOA L6 rotor that guarantees a uniform, fast closure and a constant seal, without any pressure point. The heel has an anatomical shape, with external air intakes and is fully integrated with the upper to ensure excellent support. The internal footbed is breathable and anatomical to actively stimulate the foot with each pedal stroke. The stiff and lightweight sole helps to maximize power transfer, the rubber tread is designed to allow greater flexibility for walking and maximum grip and stability on all terrains and in all weather conditions.