Fabio Aru is the new 2018 Gaerne Ambassador for cycling and to celebrate this new partnership Gaerne has made especially for him a new custom shoes. Carbon G.Stilo+ Fabio Aru limited Edition is the company’s top model and takes its design insipiration from the rider’s homeland: the Italian flag and the logo of the Sardinian emblem of the Four Moors (the four Saracen kings defeated by the Aragonese). Fabio really appreciate the technical features of this shoe. "In this period I had the chance to try the G.Stilo+ and since the first day I appreciated the immediate comfort. The BOA system furthermore allows a perfect closure, and is easy and quick to open the shoes.The heel gives a good grip when you have to get up on the pedals and the carbon sole is light and rigid and, I assure you, that after many hours on the bike all these details are very important. I couldn’t imagine all the work behind a single pair of shoes: you go from the design process of every single part to the whole process the shoe undergoes before you get the finished product. Once I arrived in Gaerne, I immediately felt the passion, first of all of his founder Ernesto Gazzola, then of his family and his employees. I understood that, in order to manufacture a Gaerne shoe, you need 109 elements! Then, something in Gaerne that struck me a lot - beyond the manufacturing technical aspect of my shoes - is the fact of being part of a family in which all cheer for you and all together celebrate every victory. I hope I’ll soon take my G.stilo+ to the podium!" G.STILO + is the perfect combination between comfort and lightweight, the upper is made of microfiber with laser-drilling to provide excellent breathability and a perfect climate for the rider. The innovative DUAL FCS Fitting Closure System consists of two BOA IP-1 micro adjustable reels and 4 guides for each reel. These elements allow to obtain a precise, fast and personalized closure on the entire frontal area of the shoe, without any pressure point. This shoe is designed with the TSS technology "Tarsal Support System" to ensure the perfect position of the foot inside the shoe, obtaining a rounded and more efficient pedal stroke. All-new injection-molded anatomic carbon heel-cup will not deform or weaken. With it’s anti-tendonitis form and internal non-slip treatment it allows for the best foot stability and control. Reflective inserts provide maximum visibility in low-light conditions. EPS COMFORT INSOLE: Internal anatomical insole with tarsal area support to grant comfort and pedaling efficiency. The insole is perforated for optimum microclimate inside the shoe. The new full carbon sole "EPS LIGHT WEIGHT FULL CARBON SOLE" guarantees absolute lightness and rigidity. The ultra-thin thickness of the carbon allows the foot to be positioned at a minimal distance from the pedal, thus allowing maximum power whilst pedaling without loss of energy. Two channels positioned in the sole ensure perfect ventilation to the foot during use. Non-slip rubber inserts in the front and back of the sole provide security whilst walking. The rear insert is replaceable. The sole is compatible with all clipless pedals.

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