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    GAERNE EPS LIGHTWEIGHT FULL CARBON SOLE 12.0 Ultra light and ultra thin, the optimised carbon fiber weave ensures every watt of power is transferred to the pedals. The stability of the foot is increased thanks to the shape of the sole in the plantar arch area. Four air vents guarantee ventilation inside the shoe. The sole has an anti-slip insert in the toe and an interchangeable pad in the rear. Cleat position options have been increased by 9mm compared to the previous sole. An alignment scale printed on the sole allows you to memorize the position of the cleat. Outstanding stiffness index of 12.

GAERNE G.STL GOLD RUSH: let yourself go to gold fever The new "Gold Rush" version of Gaerne's flagship model for the road range is a tribute to a winning prestige. Uppers in shades of matt black, laser perforated and extracted from a single piece of microfibre material. Gold-coloured finish for tongue, logotype, the famous "G" pictogram, plus the BOA® micrometric closure Li2. The two dials in anodized aluminum guarantee micro-adjustments that let you perfectly dial in your fit in any conditions. Italy. Coste di Maser (TV), 24th July 2021 – G.STL is synonymous with performance cycle footwear and is the top of the range Gaerne road shoe. The Treviso-based company founded by Ernesto Gazzola, which in 2022 will celebrate 60 years of activity, presents the special "Gold Rush" version of its flagship model. The laser-perforated uppers made from a single piece of micro-fibre adopts an unprecedented shade of matt black that coordinates with the gold finish applied on the Fit Tongue 1.0, the Gaerne logotype and the famous "G". The micrometric closure is entrusted to the new BOA® Li2 (low power, incremental, second generation) with a lifetime guarantee that contributes to reducing the BOA® height by 20% compared to the already proven IP1 system. The dials made of anodized aluminum are finished in gold and contribute to giving the shoe style and elegance without sacrificing performance and functionality. The micro grooves on the entire circumference of the BOA® Li2 dial ensure the rider a quick, precise and safe adjustment of the fit in any riding condition. «The new G.STL Gold Rush is a model that combines high-level performance, comfort and elegance – explains Ernesto Gazzola, founder and president of Gaerne S.p.a.. We present our new release made in our production plant in Coste di Maser (TV), to celebrate a sporting event of the absolute highest level. To be capable to win a gold medal for an athlete means not only to be able to write a page in the history of sport and in particular cycling. It often means entering people's hearts, helping to make the younger generations passionate about the sport and being able to reap the benefits of sacrifice, hard training and tasting defeat. These are values that go beyond the sporting result and that we have experienced by working for nearly 60 years in close contact with Champions. The G.STL Gold Rush is our tribute to the prestige and values that are behind every victory». The Gold Rush version shares many technical features with the G.STL that was launched in January 2021. The Anatomic Heel Cup 1.0 - Tarsal Support System 1.0 helps to contain and stabilise the position of the heel within the shoe by improving the control of the foot during the pedal downstroke phase. There are eight fixing areas within which the BOA® cable passes: this means that the foot is encased by the upper in a homogeneous form and without excessive pressure points. At the heart of the G.STL Gold Rush is the Eps Light Weight Full Carbon Sole 12.0 made of woven carbon fiber with four aeration points, non-slip insert at the toe and interchangeable cleat in the heel area. It is also possible to move the position of the cleat back up to 9 mm following the alignment scale printed on the sole.