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    La nuova suola interamente in carbonio "GAERNE EPS LIGHT WEIGHT FULL CARBON SUE" garantisce assoluta leggerezza e rigidità. Lo spessore ultra-sottile del carbonio consente di posizionare il piede a una distanza minima dal pedale, consentendo così la massima potenza durante la pedalata senza perdita di energia. Due canali posizionati nella suola assicurano una perfetta ventilazione del piede durante l'uso. Gli inserti in gomma antiscivolo nella parte anteriore e posteriore della suola offrono sicurezza durante la camminata. L'inserto posteriore è sostituibile. La suola è compatibile con tutti i pedali automatici.
G.TORNADO shoe is ideal for those looking for a functional and rich in technical content from the best use of both the race and in training. It 'a very light shoe (264 gr), the upper is soft microfiber laser perforated to provide excellent breathability. Closure System: one micro adjustable BOA L6 reel to grant a uniform manner, ensuring a constant holding, without any pressure point and an easy and speed closure. Boa Technology guarantees the reel and the cables of the BOA closing system for the entire useful life of the product. INTEGRATED ANTI SLIP HEEL CUP : All-new integrated anti slip heel-cup will not deform or weaken. With its anti-tendonitis form it allows for the best foot stability and control. TRANSPIRANT INSOLE is ultra lightweight and offers great comfort, breathability and is replaceable. SOLE: The full carbon sole "EPS LIGHT WEIGHT FULL CARBON SOLE 10.0" guarantees absolute lightness and rigidity. The ultra-thin thickness of the carbon allows the foot to be positioned at a minimal distance from the pedal, thus allowing maximum power whilst pedaling without loss of energy. Two channels positioned in the sole ensure perfect ventilation to the foot during use. Non-slip rubber inserts in the front and back of the sole provide security whilst walking. The rear insert is replaceable. Sole is compatible with all clipless pedals. It is also available with: GAERNE EPS CARBON POWER SOLE 8.0 is made of nylon enriched with carbon to grant optimum rigidity. The thin thickness guarantees a round pedaling without energy dispersion. The stability of the foot is increased thanks to the shape of the sole in the plantar arch area. Five air vents guarantee ventilation inside the shoe. The sole has an anti-slip insert in the toe and an interchangeable pad in the rear. An alignment scale printed on the sole allows you to memorize the position of the cleat. Cleat position options have been increased by 9mm compared to the previous sole. Compatible with most available quick-release pedals. Outstanding stiffness index of 8.0.